Project Description

Find Your Target Customers

Quickly find your core audience in each segment using big data enhanced market research analysis tools.

Create Captivating Campaigns

Get the immediate attention of your customers with Savant One professionally designed marketing assets.

Send Emails That Convert

Decrease conversion funnel friction using segmentation, automation and A/B testing optimization methods.

Turn Traffic Into Subscribers 

Maximize your list growth by constructing optimized forms and constructing multiple acquisition pathways across your channels.

Let Machines Make You Money 

Be omnipresent in your email campaigns using leading edge automation technology that nurture leads for your automatically.

Visualize Your Lead Journey

See how your leads develop through your conversion funnels using crosschannel CRM and website email integration.

Why go with Savant One for Email Marketing?


Email marketing has changed dramatically the last 2 years and will continue to change as emerging technologies become mainstream technologies.

Savant One keep its clients equipped with the most advanced email marketing technologies to stay at the leading edge of customer acquisition.


Email segmentation analysis goes beyond who opens your email and what they do when they open your email. We create a 360 view of your email segments and use advanced statistical analysis to draw deep data insights from collected data.

Most Common Email Marketing Mistakes?

Mediocre Forms

Blindly creating a mediocre signup form is as good as having no signup form.

Savant One Solution

We create irresistible lead magnets based on customer data the reveals what they find most valuable.

Copy-Paste Marketing

Most marketers create underwhelming copy and underwhelming design.

Savant One Solution

Our thorough value proposition analysis lets us cut through the noise with highly targeted web copy and professional design.

Ignoring Mobile

Many marketers are unaware of the fact that everything is now mobile-first.

Savant One Solution

We create campaigns from the ground up to comply with readability and responsiveness across platforms and devices.

Industry Outsiders

Many marketers don't understand marketing styles differ between industries.

Savant One Solution

Part of our email deep data analysis is analyzing the most effective marketing methods in your industry.

Our Email Marketing Workflows Optimize Project Efficiency and Success

Customer Targeting 20%
Growth & Creation 40%
Conversion Optimization 60%
Segment and Automate 80%
Deep Analysis 100%

Let us tell your brand's story

Let’s work together to create smart, efficiency and high ROI campaigns that reach your customers today.

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