Increased Conversion Volume By 400% Of A Display Campaign


$120k/month Display Campaign Managed Google Ads campaigns that directed traffic to three store locations in Ohio, West Virginia and Kentucky Reduced Bounce Rate by as much as 7% Reduced Cost/Conv by 73% Improved Conversion Rate by as much as 386%

Conversion Rates Up 60% And Doubled Sales YoY For President’s Day Sale


22 client store locations Created omni-channel creative and ad copy Multi-touchpoint in-market targeting utilizing Facebook and Youtube Ads as Upper Funnel Traffic Source Proprietary audience info collection prior to President’s Sale to determine best targeting Scalable, segment custom product ad copy for each appliance, furniture and mattress product type in Search Campaigns.

Sub $1 Avg. CPC Search Campaign For Home Improvement Dealers


Home appliance and home furniture dealership Utilized proprietary relevance alignment optimization system to bring Quality score to 10/10 Scalable custom generic ad copy and offer ads Smart bidding with bot/fraud traffic filtration process Was able to achieve 4% conversion rate with a $10 Cost Per Acquisition Was able to lower recliner keywords Avg. CPC by [...]

Reduced Residential Home Solar Cost Per Lead by 80%


Targeted all states with client’s home installation locations. Utilized hourly based Avg. CPC rule-management in order to avoid paying premium price for the same lead quality. Granular bid adjustments on locations, device and keyword. Audited and narrowed lower funnel home solar keywords. Used proprietary real-time Conversion Funnel Analysis and Optimization to select lowest friction lead [...]

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